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cabrera, that whole inning might have evolved a little differently than it did. it is what it is. i thought he handled himself well. for a 21-year-old kid, i think we should be delighted with the progress he's made at this point. >> buck: we had a great opportunity last night to compare joe mauer, the all- star, to your up and coming catcher matt wieters both about the same physically. talk about the comparison of what you saw early in joe mauer and what you've seen this year in matt wieters. >> i haven't seen that much of mauer early because when i was in a different league at that time. i just know him by reputation. i know that he clearly was a top one, two or three pick. the twins, i think, did a smart thing. that was a good year to be drafted high because you had prior, mauer, mark teixeira. you had a lot of good, young talent. if you were picking high, it was hard to do badly. it seemed to me he was a natural pick for minnesota. this is where he was from. their kind of player. he's done a marv plus job for them offensively and defensively. there really aren't many like him in
're not really sure whether or not he would throw back to back curveballs, and cabrera just found that out. >> jim: 1-1 the count. check swing. it's another strike. three consecutive breaking balls. >> jim: 1-2 the count on cabrera. down and away. is that pitch the hardest pitch to get a call on because of where you catch it? it looked on that replay that it came through the strike zone in the zone, but by the time wieters caught it, it was almost on the ground. >> buck: because it brains so much, often types umpires will give up on it. >> jim: 2-2 is outside. ball 3. this gives minnesota a huge break. full count with two down. the runners will be off, and thee both have good speed. casillas from second, and span from first. tillman needs a big pitch here. runners go. the 3-2 is fouled back. well, cabrera now with the twins, they have averaged two more hits per game. team batting average has gone up. runs per game have gone up, and the slugging percentage has gone up. >> buck: he's just added another veteran bat, that presence in the lineup, obviously stretching out the depth of the l
. >> gary: here is cabrera batting second who had an oh- fer three in the opener to the ball game last night. it is not easy to keep him off base. he is having a career year and just about every offensive category. 10 in average as a result of the numbers he's put up since the all-star break. the 10th leading average in the american league. cabrera has hit safely in 17 of the last 20 at a .366 clip. 1-1 delivery to him and that is on the outside corner for a strike. 1-2. >> buck: the one thing i lover about cabrera is the way he chokes up oh finance bat handle. that gives him tremendous bat control. he is not a power hitter. he is up about three inchessen the bat handle. >> gary: not many do this anymore. 1-2 delivery to him. great pitch down and in. fouled off. >> buck: the old nellie fapproach. >> gary: nellie had more bat under his hand than above. it didn't matter which part he hit with. >> buck: the one streak. >> gary: see, nothing even close to that kind of a bat in major league baseball anymore, the big handled bat. here is the 1-2 delivery to cabrera, aband he'll foul it away. fox w
is asdrubal cabrera. ball one inside. cabrera struck out and walked ball four for matusz going to his mouth. >> buck: good bounce back out right there after carroll got the rbi base hit to come up with second out. not out of the woods yet. shin-soo choo handled effectively, 0-2, including his last strike out at bat. >> jim: shin-soo choo was acquired from seattle in a trade and has become an important player on this team. he is just 27 years old. he has been in proball since 2001. took him a long time to make it to the big leagues. left center field, adam jones on the found, won't get it. able to cut it off, fired back into 2nd base, so single sends carroll to 3rd. the indians have two on with two down in the 6th inning, now tying run to the plate. >> buck: well hooks can really hit. 0-2 prior to this. adam does a great job of cutting the ball out. look at choo anticipating double. that is the way you run the bases right there. make the throw stop you. don't stadium it is going to be a single. jones comes up 56789 plenty of time to get back. >> jim: you will see the runners at 1st and 3rd.
. >>> jones there again, picked it up, shortstop cabrera calling. so, markakis retired. 0-2. 2 down in the 3rd inning . nolan reimold will bat now. orioles have three-runs in, one on a error, two on a home run by pie, and here is reimold. no one has hits in 14 of the last 16 games, and again, chases masterson back to first. and masterson now put slowing down his pace to try to upset the timing of jones, it looks like, at 1st. >> buck: he virginia it from time to time. a lot quicker at 1st base than numbers might suggest. i think he gets into a little bit of a rut, and that is when base runners can really have their way with masterson. >> jim: big lead for adam jones off 1st base, and a foul back at the plate. and nolan reimold has been really hitting the extra base hits, and result, slugging personal .456, highest percentage in history. >> buck: look at markakis and sheets, all pretty prominent rookies. >> jim: outside, 2-1. adam back to 1st base. what is very impressive with reimold is his approach at the plate, his patience. for a young hitter, he looks over the pitches, very good batting av
, fell behind, worked it full. the paul nearly got into left field. cabrera with a nice effort on the front end, but an errant throw on the back end. popped up, second baseman casilla is calling, and he has it for the out, and the inning is over, but the orioles do get on the board. to the bottom of the first. twins are coming up. what is it to lead? at pnc, it's doing what most benefits our customers. whether that's building more certified green buildings than anyone on earth. creating online banking tools for the next generation. or making a 10 year, $100 million investment in kids. it's how we've always done business. and will for a very long time to come. pnc. leading the way.  ball hit toward this middle. there's a base hit. benard span gets on with a lead off single, and minnesota copping right back on guthrie. well, tonight wired wednesday, we'll talk with dave trembley if the third ining, and then in the 5th in, matt beaters will join us. he's not in the starting line- up tonight, so an opportunity to visit with matt. >> orlando cabrera picked up in a trade with oak
metropolitana del transporte. ronald cabrera,de 40 aÑos,ingeniero, chofer, estÁ acusado por presuntamente haber permitido al pasajero william curt tomar los controles de un tren que iba rumbo a nueva york.   >> tantas dÍas arriba y uno sin saber. >> es un hecho que el pasajero, condujo el tren por mÁs de 25 millas, dijo la fiscal, agregando que un testigo vio como cabrera, abandonÓ la cabina y que el pasajero habrÍa manejado hacia la avenida, a una velocidad de 80 mph, con 400 pasajeros a bordo. supuestamentfue un pasajero que a bordo a las 6:45 de la maÑana y al actor a las autoridades. >> si es no trabajar mÁs, debe ser.  >> por ahora,cabrera fue suspendiÓ sin pagar.  >> cualquier operaciÓn de este tren,fue dirigida solamente por mi clien en la cabina no habÍa nadie mÁs. >> la policÍa neutralizÓ a un hombre con una pistola elÉctca, despuÉs que supuestamente robara dinero en el restaurante en donde trabajaba. el incidente quedÓ captado en cÁmara. el sospechoso es un ex convicto que cumpliÓ condena por robo. ? una corte declarÓ culpable al ex representante demÓcrata
cabrera didn't stop until he finished off something the yankees haven't done in 14 years. ♪ there's only one word for this ♪ ♪ it's bliss ♪ only one word describes chocolate this creamy, this rich, this indulgent. bliss. hershey's bliss chocolate. it's not just chocolate. it's bliss. announcer: no surprises. no shocks. dulcolax stool softener provides stimulant-free constipation relief that's gradual and comfortable, like nature intended. dulcolax stool softener. feeling free to be. singers: feelin' free. >>> here's a look at the weather in some cities across the country. new york, mostly sunny, 87. denver sunny at 95. los angeles, sunny, 74. time now for a check on the national forecast. the latest satellite picture shows that the northwest and southwest are mainly clear. much of the midwest is looking at cloudy skies. skies are also cloudy over the deep south, and both the plains and the northeast have clear skies. later today, severe thunderstorms will be popping up across the midwest. much of the west will remain hot and dry. the heat returns to the southern plains where temper
the indians. masterson. 1:3 a 5 first pitch. 1-1 to markakis. shortstop. and cabrera. he has it. and retires the side in order. 8 complete here. indians need by 2. i'm here on this tiny little plane, and guess what. .. i've still got room for the internet. with my new netbook from at&t. with its built-in 3g network it's fast and small, so it goes places other laptops can't. anything before takeoff mr. kurtis? prime rib, medium rare. i'm bill kurtis, and i've got plenty of room for the internet. and the nation's fastest 3g network. (announcer) sign up today and get a netbook for $199.99 after mail-in rebate. with built-in access to the nation's fastest 3g network. only from at&t. @x@0@p@0@6p)@)@)p, >> buck: and the pinch hit single into center. >> gary: that will be taken inside for a ball. top of the order and sizemore. he had an o-4. 3 for 13 in the series batting a .245. 1-1. bass a couple of innings. gave up the run on three hits. 1-1. sizemore takes that to the gap. not playing that way. and good hustle by jones. gets it back. holds sizemore to
, the pitch is taken for a strike, as cabrera showed bunt. >> buck: that's a good pitch. that was a sidestep change-up. >> jim: bounces towarding the middle. back to first, out there, nicely done by indianapolis turn russ. what footwork a-- -- izturis. great footwork around the bag. >> buck: you never know how the ball is going to bounce on this artificial surface. rights himself, stands on the bargain, and has enough arm strength off balance to throw a bullet to cabrera. boy, that's a heck of a double- play. that just as easily goes past him and it's first and third with nobody out, but he made such a good play now, mauer steps in with two down. >> jim: and here is the league's leading hitter, joe mauer, takes ball 1. he won the batting title last year. already has two batting titles in his career, and he's only 26 years old. batting at .378 on the year. let's head downstairs. >> i spoke with izturis before the game today about his fielding in his first year as the oriole, and he said he had to get to know he pitchers, and there has been the added number of rookies that has come up. said
trying to get through the difficult first inning. and here is asdrubal cabrera, who fouls it straight back.   strike 3. retire it is side 3-up, 3-down. indians can't score. going to the bottom of the 1st. and here come the birds! of the plane in the dark. no peanuts or nothin'. and then if your bag wants to bring one of its little bag friends for company, they charge another $25. that's just plain mean. why do they hate your bags? at southwest airlines, bags fly free. grab your bag. it's on! ( ding )  >> jim: back here at oriole park. 3-up and 3-down. scouting report, brian matusz, trying to figure out where he is best suited, in the bullpen or starter. >> buck: he used the change up very well in the last start. >> jim: and there is matt laporta, who reached up for the outs. >> buck: and justin masterson traded from boston to cleveland july 31st, the trade including victor martinez going to the red sox. most people think if he is going to be a starter, he has to use his change-up for frequently. you can see the size of him. he is the physical make-up to withstand the r
cabrera in the on deck circle there. didn't look like he was telling jorge to get down and slide. so posada's out. top of the third, pedroia going op owe. opposite field and gone for his eighth home run of the year. the first opposite field home run of his career. bottom three, derek jeter, deep drive center field. jacoby ellsbury makes the sliding grab at the base of the wall. but, it would only hold off those yankee bats for a little while. because later in the third, johnny damon off john smoltz and gone. 20th homer of the year for damon. the yankees tie it at 1 in the fourth. casey kotchman, his first home run as a member of the red sox. boston up 3-1. looking good. but john smoltz has been a victim from the beginning of the year. and thursday night the big inning was the fourth. cabrera's 3-run home run, his 11th. nine hits, 8 earned. bottom four, billy trainer on in relief. that's no relief. jorge posada. another three-run blast. his 14th. the yanks score 8 in the fourth and leave it 9-3. top 8, a 95 mile an hour heater over pedroia's head. a couple of pitches later, the things
, but he doesn't slide. gets tagged out by victor martinez. an easy out for the red sox. melky cabrera in the on-deck circle. doesn't look like he's telling posada to get down and slide. great relay throw by dustin pedroia. in the top of the third. pedroia going oppo -- opposite field and gone for his eighth home run of the year and his first opposite-field home run of his career. bottom three. derek jeter. deep drive. center field. look at jacoby ellsbury. into the wall to make the grab. but later in the third inning, nobody's catching this one. johnny damon off john smoltz. his 20th home run of the year for damon. his first 20-homer season since 2006. top four. casey kotchman connects. two-run home run. his first with the red sox. they are up 3-1. but in the fourth, the yanks tee off on john smoltz. melky cabrera -- the no-doubter -- three-run home run, his 11th. smoltz tagged. nine hits, eight earned in 3 1/3 -- his e.r.a. is 8.32. jorge posada off former yankee billy traber, and that's gone for a three-run home run -- his 14th. yanks score eight in the fourth. they lead 9-3. normal
will leadoff number nine. then it's back to the top. span and cabrera again. they seem to come up everything inning. see a switch hitter will bat left against mickolio and this is high. there's a strike. casilla taking all the way. mickolio got the call. comes right at him. joe nathan getting loose. in case they get the lead, he wants to be ready. casilla is down. mickolio blows it by him. >> buck: does every. he's had great movement on his fastball. we talk about his delivery how difficult it is for hitters to pickup the release point. got crossed by a delivery. a little late movement. 97 miles per hour on the corner. >> jim: here is denard span, the leadoff hitter. he's tripled, walked. fouls it off. 0-1. mickolio was the fifth oriole pitcher outside, 1-1. >> buck: this bullpen has really turned around dramatically of late when you think about jim johnson taking over for george sherrill who was trade. kam mickolio coming up and his innings are becoming more prawsm nent, more important innings -- more prominent, more important innings as he has earned that right. chris ray has pitched very
. melky cabrera in the on-deck circle. doesn't look like he's telling posada to get down and slide. great relay throw by dustin pedroia. in the top of the third. pedroia going oppo -- opposite field and gone for his eighth home run of the year and his first opposite-field home run of his career. bottom three. derek jeter. deep drive. center field. look at jacoby ellsbury. into the wall to make the grab. but later in the third inning, nobody's catching this one. johnny damon off john smoltz. his 20th home run of the year for damon. his first 20-homer season since 2006. top four. casey kotchman connects. two-run home run. his first with the red sox. they are up 3-1. but in the fourth, the yanks tee off on john smoltz. melky cabrera -- the no-doubter -- three-run home run, his 11th. smoltz tagged. nine hits, eight earned in 3 1/3 -- his e.r.a. is 8.32. jorge posada off former yankee billy traber, and that's gone for a three-run home run -- his 14th. yanks score eight in the fourth. they lead 9-3. normally, it's joba throwing at kevin youkilis, but on thursday night it was mark melancon throw
late in the season? he has been very good. top of the 1. cabrera looking at that changeup. top three, a similar. yes, -- top three, similar. bottoms 3, felix. -- bottoms 3. -- bottom 3. same inning in the third. luke scott gets back into the gap. a 4-0 lead. top four, mtattis goes after this pitch -- matis. therefore, it becomes all four -- mattis goes after the pitch. then jim johnson. he goes one, two, three, four and the orioles. five-to the final. >> usd strike-out i had today, and i think it was balanced -- you look at the strike-out i had today. -- the strikeouts i had today. >> he looks like he is 15. the ravens, meanwhile, continue their romp through the preseason. however, in trying to measure the progress of joe flacco, one cannot help but get a little giddy. sharing the wealth of passes with a bunch of ravens. they keep swearing they have weapons in the passing game, and last night, they were correct. shown as a threat here. it proves a great release vale. -- valve. right there. six passes on the night for him. then, we go back to the way back machine, and it is like it is
strikeout on cabrera. he only gave up one run during his night of work. it becomes the fifth ever rookie to win his debut this year. the orioles take the game, 8-2. stick around, tom tasselmyer th- . >> here is a look at what we are working on for 11 news tonight. >> i remember thinking that i wanted to hold my breath because i was afraid esol me breathing, he would shoot again. >> that is one of the many horrifying survival stories after a gunman opened fire in pennsylvania. more federal stimulus money is headed for baltimore. >> insta-weather plus, some showers moving through tonight and tomorrow. some heat coming in for the weekend. 90's for sunday and monday. a little payback for this easy summer. >> thank you for joining us. >> have a great evening.
tillman in his second big league start did not hold the lead. bottom 1, miguel cabrera, a 2- run double to left. placido plaxico. cut it to 5-3 after 1. bottom 5, it's 5-4 now. cabrera is 21st home run of the year. straight and fast, doesn't cut it in the bigs. fourth home run, tillman, is tied at 5. same score, bottom 9, 2 out. danny baez in, thomas out. a laser dead center. that's your ball game. o's lose 6-5. brian mattix makes his debut tomorrow night. >>> the ravens weren't hitting hit full speed this morning but, it was certainly the most entertaining practice so far at training camp. it's because the offense was making plays. joe flacco going up top to demetrius williams over chris kerr for the sweet grab. the ravens are hoping he can stay healthy and draw the applause from ravens fans all season. troy smith on the hitch and go to ray wright. this is why they love him. great diving catch. corner of the end zone. they say his hands could separate him from the rest of the runningbacks. this is interesting. kelly washington and frank walker two, guys known to talk, do some yapping f
in the fourth. 18-10 is your final. the yankees winless against the reds and white sox this season. cabrera doing something about it. a three run shot, 3-0 yanks. top nine, then cabrera, smokes to right, and dye taking a horrible angle to the boy. melky takes advantages and legs out a triple, the final component for him hitting a cycle, first yankee to do so in 14 years. new york gets it is win, 8-5. the 2009 swimming world championships concluded today, ran gamut for fems. he actually took a silver medal in rome. his final veap, the 400 medley relay, the americans one gold in this event in last olympics, and they were better today. phelps swam the butterfly leg of the relay, and he delivered as expected. "11 investigates i-team" ran away with the gold, or maybe swam away with it, smashing its own world record. for the week, phelps, five gold medals and the one silver. wouldn't be surprised if the silver is the only one he keeps. the has kell at monmouth park, preakness champion, rachel alexandra kicking the boys' butts. rachel with calvin borel aboard dominated more impressively than she i
to centerfield gig the apes -- moving to the bottom of the 5th inning, miguel cabrera hits a two-run home run to left field. adding to this incident, it's minnesota twins, tigers 3. the tigers trying to pad their lead in the american league's central division. the cleveland indians leading the chicago white sox 5-3 in the top half of the inning. red sox play the yankees. we'll be back to preview tomorrow night's game in baltimore's camden yards, jeremy guthrie on the hill. that story coming up next. 7 out of 10 men prefer degree fragrances... over a leading old spice fragrance. ♪ ♪ new degree men's deodorant. mind-blowing fragrances. over a leading old spice fragrance. ♪ ♪ new degree men's deodorant. mind-blowing fragrances. . >> jim: this one hit to right field, diving catch as he hung long enough for markakis to get there. >> tom: tom davis with rick dempsey after the orioles lost to the toronto blue jays 7-3. cesar izturis went 2-for-4 with an rbi double. izturis is standing by with wj seo's mark viviano. >> you got some good swings off halladay. tell us what it was. >> it was good
to interrupt you for one second. we have breaking news right now from michelle ka caruso-cabrera. what do you have? >> a delay in the settlement between ubs and the department of justice. a conference call going on right now. the attorney for the justice department said, can we have another week? we've got issues we want to deal with. can we come back? continuance to the 17th. the judge says, that's okay with me. let's have a conference on the 12th to see where you guys are at. that's with this case related to tax havens and what the u.s. government would like to hear out of ubs and the swiss. there is a delay until august 17th at a minimum. back to you. >> michelle caruso-cabrera, thanks so much. let's go back to diane. diane, i know the largest sale you made online was $1.5 million online. and you sold an item for $300,000. i'm going to assume both of those are diamond rings. i'm kind of surprised people are willing to spend that much money online? >> we've done a significant amount of business over the years in $20,000 and $50,000 plus transactions. the $300,000 was a couple weeks ago with
started. fourth inning, cabrera struck again. deep to right over jermaine dye. innocent double. here's why it mattered. he singled in the fifth. in the ninth he needed a triple for the cycle. he was on his horse. he hustled around the bases all the way to third. safe with a triple to complete the cycle. first yank in 14 years to do that. cincinnati reds and rockies. scary moment in the seventh. jason marquis to rolen in the head with a fastball. rockies beat the reds, 6-4. finally, to rome. the men's u.s. 4x100 put on quite a show. michael phelps swam the third leg. u.s. finished the world in style. for phelps, his fifth goal of the championships. that's your early look at sports on "early today." i'm fred roggin. >> thank you, fred. >>> she's an expert at biting the hands that feed her. your early morning entertainment headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus, it's the kind of sight that when you see it you would be excused for rubbing your eyes in disbelief. you're watching "early today." >>> welcome back on this monday morning. hope you had a nice weekend. you can leave that umbrella at h
earlier, rangers beat the yanks thanks in part to this diving grab in center field. robbed cabrera of a sure base hit. rangers didn't like it but andruw jones d. that's your early look at sports on "early today." i'm fred roggin. >>> he's fame fous or his daredevil escape but did the ocean finally get the best of david blaine. your early morning entertainment headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus, proof off 90 years you can still go for the thrill of a lifetime. you're watching "early today." >>> welcome back on this wednesday morning. in chicago, grab the umbrella if you're headed out the next 5 to 10 minutes. a light rain and shower activity is pushing down on you. a lot heavier by rockford and davenport with thunderstorms. here's your forecast for today. there's the showers in chicago. you aren't the only cool spot with michigan and the detroit area. that's where the cold front has moved through. other locations will be warm ahead of the front. you get those southwesterly winds, warm summer winds, 90s from charlotte, atlanta, virginia, maryland, up through the mid atlantic and
to cabrera for an inning-ending out. dove to make the play. all in one, flipped the ball to second. that was the lone highlight for thetwins. they lost 5-1. that's your early look at sports on "early today." i'm fred roggin. >>> well, what if i told you ssca simpson may have captured the attention of another nfl quarterba? your early morning entertainment headlines are straight ahead. >>> us, shame and degradation. that's just the start of with what this waywardspouse has to report to. you're watching "early toda" >>> welcome back. new information fm the hurricane center. it takes the storm and relocates the center a little bit to the north. we're going to continue watch this system over the next couple days as it approaches new england. right now the forecast keeps it off the north carolina coast, maybe barely brushes new england. could be another storm more or less for the canadian maritimes. we'll kep an eye on it for you. if you're watching nbc 3 in syracuse, new york, grab a ticket to the hottest event of the summer where you'll enjoy big name entertainment, good food, thrill
, and it's time for did you see that? cabrera with the ground ball up the middle, clubs it, steps on second for the force, and then on the first for the nice double play. i don't know if this is a double dribble, but lebron james in china takes this high school player to the rack. it's a global tour for basketball and community charity. and this is just adams says look, ma, no hands. and he nails the landing. he won the x fighters world title with that jump. >> that is sick! i'm sure you had no problems riding with, no hands when were you a kid. >> yeah, no problem at all. thank you, rick. during tough economic times doesn't mean you have to cancel fun. you can catch an o's game for one dollar when we return! schnapps >>> another baltimore area bank has failed. it's the 82nd u.s. bank to go under so far this year. federal regulators shut down rogers bradford bank. the bank had been given two weeks to sell or be taken over. all nine branches reopened today as n and t banks. they will share the losses on about $338 million worth of bradford's loans and other assets. customers should not be af
that are left. the runner goes. down by that's into center field. cabrera on the way to 3rd. a question about interference. he gets it. he gets the out. take a look here. >> buck: he went far enough he was called for a strike 3. >> gary: runner left on. of the plane in the dark. no peanuts or nothin'. and then if your bag wants to bring one of its little bag friends for company, they charge another $25. that's just plain mean. why do they hate your bags? at southwest airlines, bags fly free. grab your bag. it's on! ( ding )  >> gary: we saw it in game though have come back here. >> buck: you know what is going on here after they lose and there are opportunities to make an impression. and laporta comes up they are trying to try him. and marte has been a guy they had they want to see what he can do. >> gary: they are wins late in games. their offense has been almost, they have plenty of time. the way that nick markakis is swinging a bad. and everybody can contribute now they have gone to smith. and they will have an opportunity. it has been better a nice job for him clothing up games. >>
the play. tie game. two down. one for thomas, ripping a line drive past first. cabrera scored the winning run. to cincinnati where the reds and giants needed extra innings. drew with his second career game, a little bit of nerves. walk-off homer. first of his career. called up just three days ago and already he's a hero. college basketball, they'll be forced to vacate their 38 wins because of ncaa violations under former head coach. infractions include a fraudulent s.a.t. score by derrick rose. another record-setting race for bolt at the world track and field championships in berlin. earlier this week he smashed the mark in the 100 meter. a world record time of 19.19 seconds. american wallace spearman finished third while tyson gay withdrew because of an injury. that's your early look at sports on "early today." have a great weekend. i'm fred roggin. >> thank you, fred. >>> can a sci-fi alien spooker hold off brad pitt this weekend at the box office? your early morning entertainment headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus, a town gives something back to a family who has given their all. yo
it back in the sixth. cabrera blew through the center. play at the plate. rodriguez couldn't handle the throw. they beat the rangers 5-4. that loss drops texas one game back to boston in the a.l. wild card. cliff lee has been a perfect fit in philadelphia. he took a no-hitter into the sixth. improved to 4-0 with his new club. back-to-back home runs in the fifth. phils won seven of their last eight. after being dismissed in atlanta and cut by the red sox, cardinals signed john smoltz. they hope the 42-year-old can serve as their fifth starter or provide some relief in the bull pen. finally, check this out from college basketball. clement turned in a shot you have to see to believe. off the scoreboard, off the floor. nothing but net. a shot that certainly reminds us of the old larry bird, michael jordan commercials. no word on how many times it cook him to make it. but he's a definitely ringer in a game of horse. that's your early look at sports on "early today." i'm fred roggin. >>> billy joel has millions of reasons not to feel too bad over the breakup of his third marriage. your ea
on the hill for the white sox. took on the yankees. this game belonged to melky cabrera. every biof that pitch. three-run shot. 3-0, yankees, top nine, yankees up 7-5. melky only needs a triple for the cycle and drives that pitch over the head of jermaine dye hustling around the bases and he is safe at third with a triple. first cycle for the yankees since 1995. that will do it for this espnews update. i'm will selva. >>> the implosion of an old factory in turkey didn't go as planned over the weekend. >> you have to see this. it was supposed to be blown to smithereens. instead it keeled over like a matchbox. the top half landed on its roof missing the building by only a few yards. you know what i love about raisin bran crunch®? all the delicius raisins. i like the crunchy flakes and th granola clusters. you know, that's why it says "crunch" on there. yeah, but raisins are before "crunch" on the box. even "bran" made it befoe "crunch." yeah, but look at how big the wod "crunch" is., i mean it just dominates the box. i like the box because in the middle of the word... "kellogg's®" is "ello," l
at the stadium. yanks down early but got back in it in a hurry. cabrera, three-run homer into the jet stream in right. yanks put up eight in the inning. they led 9-3 after four. they crushed the red sox, 13-6. not roy halladay but they have to be happy with the way cliff lee has been pitching. the cy young winner put on quite a show. first start in philadelphia, struck out 9 over 7 innings against the rockies. lee improved to 2-0 and the new club. phillies beat the rockies, 3-1. quite a day against the marlins. perfect 4 for 4, double shot in the cycle, but belting his 23rd homer of the year. great day for zimmerman but not so good for the ball girl. she tried to make a play on a grounder and fell right on her rear. to make matters worse, the ball was fair. no harm, no foul. the mistake didn't factor into the game. nationals won it 12-8. turns out performance-enhancing drugs aren't just a problem in baseball. orlando magic lewis tested positive for elevated testosterone level. he's been suspended for the first 10 games of the season. lewis said in a statement he took an over the counter supp
on the hill for the white sox. took on the yankees. this game belonged to melky cabrera. every bit of that pitch. three-run shot. 3-0, yankees, top nine, yankees up 7-5. melky only needs a triple for the cycle and drives that pitch over the head of jermaine dye hustling around the bases and he is safe at third with a triple. first cycle for the yankees since 1995. that will do it for this espnews update. i'm will selva. >>> the implosion of an old factory in turkey didn't go as planned over the weekend. >> you have to see this. it was supposed to be blown to smithereens. instead it keeled over like a matchbox. the top half landed on its roof
it is and the message is spread. we witness golf glory being transported to argentina, angel cabrera took the masters in a playoff giving south america its first green jacket. our other major also saw the game reaching a new audience, staying step for step with tiger, south korean y.e. yang denied the number one player and put asian golf on top of the world. we saw for eighth months so many spectacular performances. tiger took four titles before our cameras from jack's event to washington, flint and akron. phil loved l.a. and then felt the love of the entire golf community at colonial with the pink out saturday in honor of amy. another moment, private first class being escorted up the 18th on sunday. just beautiful. this was our world from january to today. we treasured the views from our office windows and we loved every minute of bringing them to you. the cbs golf team will meet again five months time. at torrey pines. liberty national debuting in such a big way. it will not be the site of this event next year. they declared that they are going to rotate it around the new york metropolitan area and
cabrera se le acusÓ de los asesinatos de otro estadounidense, en febrero del aÑo 2003, con los su columna de guerrillera derribÓ un avión. >> no cabe duda que el uso pleno de la violencia en mÉxico es una causa de gran preocupaciÓn para el gobierno h@tkdjtyzvkkph@h@tkdjty]ujkph@h alarmante. >> personas en promedio de 20 aÑos son los que han pagado con subir a la guerra entre narcotraficantes y el gobierno mexicano. segÚn informes de un diario nacional, la mayorÍa de los mÁs de 4000 muertos de este aÑo son jÓvenes que pertenecen a las filas de los carteles de la droga y las fosas federales como los miles de efectivos enviados a michoacÁn recientemente. otro dato normal que es el incremento de 200 policÍas en los Últimos 10 aÑos, de mujeres en las cÁrceles por delitos ligados al narcotrÁfico, por ejemplo, sandra avila, detenÍa esta semana, ambas hijas de un jefe de policÍa de nuevo leÓn. >> a un aÑo del acuerdo de seguridad firmado por las autoridades para combatir la delincuencia en las calles, el balance es negativo segÚn las organizaciones civiles y sin antes. >> re
-12. top one, nolan reimold, chopper. it goes to cabrera at the hot corner, and he throws, but it's wide. error on the play. later, felix peia connected on this. 5-1 orioles. elsewhere, toronto hosting tampa bay, and rays infielder mcdonald, watch him bat down a hard-liner, spin and fire for the out. that, ladies and gentlemen, true athleticism. unlike washington nationals outfielder elijah dukes strolling along merrily on a routine fly ball that drops out of his hands. that allows the base run tore advance. he figured, hey, i caught the ball. i don't think so, buddy. tomorrow night, philadelphia eagles highly controversial quarterback michael vick free to play pro ball conditionally after a year and a half in prison for dog fighting returns to the playing field. he and the eels host the jacksonville jaguars. >> i can only go off what i've seen in practice. looks like he's moving around pretty good. it's been, realistically, two years. >> how close are you to michael vick? >> that's my best friend. he's got 10 years left in him easy. mike played six, seven years, now he had two years off
start and he hits miguel cabrera, top of the 1st, he would leave the game in the second inning. 3-0shgs rick porcello, facing martinez, inside. just misses martinez, victor not pleased. bottom of the 2nd, first pitch of the inning. porcello hitting kevin youkilis and it's on. youkilis charges the mound, throws his batting helmet. no pun ofs of thrown, a lot of guys pushing and shoving. both porcello and youkilis ejected. terry franco no and jim deyland the managers t errs talking it . lowell, in for youkilis, deep to left and red sox put a seven spot on win it over the tigers. >>> and matsui hosting the blue jays. at the dish, yankees down 4-3. that is matsui's 17 home run of the year. tied at 4. next batter, posada, a little flare to right, keeps carrying. that is a home run in the new yankees stadium, right field, again. 7-5, yankees is your final. >>> mean tile, phillies looking to aid four-game slide. francis koshgs top of the 12th, homer time, takes gregg deep for the solo shot, phillies win 4-3. >>> and now let's go back to jeremy and vinita in the studio. >>> a new humanoid robot
. at a three-run shot. then that's -- the nats win big. orlando cabrera, watch this. go in the hole, get, big fella. it is he safe or out? the umpire says out. the replay shows that he is safe. tied at 6 and the bottom of the ninth. i will tell you this, you have to love to watch the defense. and they get after you. he will be tested by the new england patriots and tom brady. the starters are expected to go three-quarters. they say to turn it loose for a pullout reversal. this will be one heck of a test. >> the challenge is, of course, as a defense. they have a lot of speed and a lot of position. they're one of the best if not the best quarterbacks in the league. it will be a great challenge for us from a defensive standpoint. >> he looks great coming off the injury. michael vick will be an nfl action for the first time since dember of 2006. make -- mcnabb will probably go three, but he will be allowed to get into the speed of the nfl again, get in rhythm. >> it would of been a couple of years since he has been in, but i am excited to get back to doing what he does. >> in south florida, we ta
. a big strikeout and the 9th. he is getting cabrera and they beat the tigers. they end that six-game skid. >>> over to football where ravens are in their third week of training camp gearing up for the first pre-season game when the redskins come to town of note what is new, defensive coordinator greg madison taking over. he says the ravens may go with a basic defense than recent years but no matter the defensive game plan. what matters most is having the players to execute the plan. >> you want a scheme to atact people. our players and come out and improve and that's what i ific. >> one of the highlights. a catch and carry. it did not end there. delivered a touchdown ball to the fan standing by the field. something this lady can take home as a memory. ravens are back some night at 8:45. nascar racing. monday mayhem. the road course proving dangerous. lost control. spin takes jeff gordon with him. three other cars. tony stewart went on to lead the final 25. held off mark rouse ambrose. they had rain at watkins glen. they finished the race today. >> back with more in a moment. >>> rod blago
to step up and earn his pay. but cabrera ripped a single to center that scored two. tigers took the lead and went on to win 5-3. detroit has won four of their last five. check out this play from the diamondback diamondbacks/phils game. a great reaction by garland to make the play but not enough. phils won the game 5-1. that's your early look at sports on "early today." i'm fred roggin. >>> plans are set for the burial of michael jackson. your early morning entertainment headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus, finding abe lincoln's signature at a flea market. it's a junk hunters dream come true. you're watching "early today." >>> welcome back to "early today." we're still tracking hurricane bill, the major hurricane, a category 3 storm. high pressure over the north atlantic has been steering off northwest. take a look at the future path here. high pressure will break down. that will allow bill to take a northerly turn toward the weekend. we won't be dealing with a direct hit for our part of the woods. for wednesday, temperatures close to 90 degrees once again in the cities of the northeas
. maddis gets da daniel cabrera to chase a change up. first major league strike out. and later, he is in the big league jam with bases loaded. and everett up the middle. but izturis makes a diving stop. stops at roberts. disaster avoided by maddis. top of the fifth. o's up. and izturis shows the offensive side of the game. high drive to left and gone. solo home run for izturis that second of the year, first since opening day, and the o's take a 3-1 lead. bottom of the fifth. maddis is in another jam. runners on second and third with one out. gets timms to look at strike three. two outs in the fifth. next batter, reign rayburn, maddis writes him out swinging to end the ending. family loves it. five strike outs on the night for the rookie. top of the sixth. birds pad the. that one is long gone. two-run shot for markakis. third of the year. o's win, to give maddis a win in the major league debut. >> back in baltimore, ravens have lost a piece of the offensive line. adam terry second round pick in 2005 that started seven games last season is probably gone for the season. the big offens
debut. bottom four here. new york down 3-2. melky cabrera, skies this to right field. a three-run shot. his 11th home run of the year. bottom four here, it's now 6-3 yankee lead. jorge posada, getting ahold of that one. yankees on top, 9-3. moving to the eighth, yankees leading 13-8. dustin pedroia almost gets hit there. just for good measure. things getting heated here. yankees cruise, 13-6. >>> to the links. the bridgestone invitational. it's round one here. tiger woods laz won six times. phil mickelson playing for the first time since the u.s. open. he had that deal with his wife, amy, who was diagnosed with breast cancer. on 18 here, putting for par. phil shot 3 over 38 on the front nine. back nine, though, started to turn things around. lefty getting it to go down. mickelson shot 3 under 32 on the back nine to finish at even par. tiger, though, started the die on the front nine. here on 5, chipping from the rough for birdie. looks like it goes in. oh, boy. tiger can't believe it. and to be honest, neither can i. tiger on the par 4 13th, putting for birdie. that's cash. tiger, 2 un
-time was at yankee stadium, muhammad ali honor he'd. miguel cabrera connects, sends this one out of the park. part of an eight-run 4th inning that knocked boston starter john smoltz out of the game. yankees win 13-6. >>> one week from tonight the ravens take on the washington redskins in the first preseason game, but sever mark clayton will it not be playing. in fact, he will be out for awhile. it's an injury to clayton's left hamstring that has the team saying he will miss two or three preseason games and practice time. this time the injury is worse than first thought. >> we're not going to be in any hurry bringing him back. he had had significant bleeding. he's gotten plenty of work in the off-season. of course you'd like to have him, obviously, but we have plenty of receivers to look at, so we're not going to be in a rush. >> also hobbled, ben grubbs, sidelined with ankle pain. ravens back on the field tomorrow morning at 8:45. >>> the golf tour rolls into akron, ohio, the firestone country club where tiger woods is a six-time winner. tiger woods, a birdie putt on the 13th hole. woods shot two
cabrera and jorge posada both hit three-run home runs as the yankees beat boston 13-6, taking a 3 1/2 game lead in the a.l. east. >>> in the national league, andre ethier gave the dodgers a five-run win over the braves. it was the dodgers' first walk-off hit of the season. >>> cliff lee pitched six impressive innings in his home debut for the phillies, striking out nine rockies. he was acquired from cleveland last week. >>> in basketball, orlando's rashard lewis has been sus ppend for the first ten games of the season. lewis said he took an over the counter substance that he said didn't know contained a substance banned by the nba. >>> and a death defying raccoon and a ladder that couldn't quite reach. the animal climbed 110 feet up a support pole and clung there since wednesday. rescuers coaxed him off the pole yesterday. with some prodding, the animal extended a paw. but everyone gasped. the little creature fell the last 40 feet. animal control officers scooped it up unharmed. later they set it free. i'm sure he had quite a story to tell his friends. >>> when we return, gearing up for ba
's best hitter, miguel cabrera for his first career strikeout. the first of five tigers to strike out. he allowed one run in five innings. meanwhile, o's hitter tee off on jarrod washburn. that blast went 440 feet. three hits for mar kay kiss, three runs driven in, and the o's win. chris tillman and brian mattis side by side in the victorious dugout, a sign of hope. as for tonight's winner -- >> lots of smiles. >> you dreamed about coming to the big leagues, and you wonder, when that moment comes, what am i going to do what. did you learn about yourself? >> it's tough. >> reporter: welcome to the big leagues. >> thank you very much. >> yeah, and that is the thanks, as this ends the tiger's threat. the o's snap a four-game losing streak. let's talk football. i visited with ravens sever mark clayton at training camp in westminster. he spoke of his frustration over another hamstring injury saying it's possible he could be out a couple weeks. here he is in action a week ago. 41 catches last season. clayton's career low. and michael orr is likely to replace carey. >>> and lineman jay ratliff a
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